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Graphic & Web Design

Graphic Design Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

In the Graphic Design program, you'll study design, typography, and color theory. You’ll use industry-specific software to help you learn and create everything from logos and posters to packaging, Web sites, and corporate identity packages. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as advertising designer, computer artist, freelance artist, graphic designer, or layout artist.
Graphic Design

Program Description

The Graphic Design programs are designed to educate students in the technical and creative arts of graphic communications. Through creative problem solving, graphic designers promote brands, markets ideas, and influence consumer behavior. They attract attention, inform, persuade and inspire some of today’s most dynamic fields including advertising, publishing, and interactive media. PROGRAM OBJECTIVES • Demonstrate craftsmanship • Develop, analyze, and refine creative concepts from initial idea to final product • Demonstrate the principles and effective use of typography • Demonstrate visualization, storytelling, and conceptualization through sequential thinking • Draw accurate visual perspectives • Apply the critical thinking process and initiate creative solutions to graphic design challenges • Choose appropriate research, concepts, materials, tools, and media to solve design problems • Apply time management skills to the development and production of projects • Use appropriate software solutions to design problems for print and web • Apply professional principles and techniques of electronic file preparation • Select and use design terminology according to industry standard • Articulate and defend concepts • Utilize protocols, media, and coding for web solutions • Assess personal strengths and weaknesses • Demonstrate effective verbal and visual presentation skills • Develop a professional work ethic • Present a final professional portfolio • Conduct research related to career development Additional Objectives - Bachelor of Science Degree • Articulate and reference graphic design history within design solutions • Develop practical skills in design, scheduling, budgeting, leadership, production, and project documentation • Participate in the design process through collaboration • Identify, develop and produce an integrated brand solution • Use written and verbal skills to gather and communicate project information • Select and apply various management strategies in business situations • Interact with industry professionals as guest lecturers or critics to develop visual communication according to industry standards ENTRY-LEVEL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Graduates of the Graphic Design programs are prepared to seek entry-level positions such as production designers, graphic designers and design production coordinators.
Graphic Design
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