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Welcome to The Art Institute of Philadelphia

The Art Institute of Philadelphia's Mission and Goals

The mission of The Art Institute of Philadelphia is to provide a well-balanced, high quality education by combining applied arts technology and techniques, related business
practices, and general education in order to prepare its students for entry-level employment and for professional advancement within their chosen fields. In support of the mission, the College:
  1. Offers applied, creative curricula to students with studies that broaden critical thinking, communication, and collaboration abilities;
  2. Supports comprehensive programs and services to facilitate initial employment for graduates in their chosen fields;
  3. Promotes a culture of civility, tolerance, civic engagement and appreciation of diversity among students, faculty and staff;
  4. Believes in a community that upholds high integrity and ethics;
  5. Maintains an environment of academic freedom and responsible decision-making by students, faculty and staff;
  6. Plans for an educational setting that supports innovation and planned growth.


A Message from the Campus President

Welcome to The Art Institute of Philadelphia! I am proud to be leading a college facility that celebrates intellectual curiosity, creativity and individuality; appreciates the power of collaboration among individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds and areas of expertise; and believes in the value of scholarship and education in making a positive impact on society now and in the future.

I’ve learned that The Art Institute is truly a special place. The building resides at 1622 Chestnut Street, which has been named as a historical site by the Philadelphia Historical Commission. Our Art Deco building has been The Art Institute of Philadelphia’s home since 1982. The building was designed in 1928 as the CBS flagship radio station affiliate.

With 1200 students as of June 2016, The Art Institute of Philadelphia is small enough to provide a strong sense of community and large enough to achieve the excellence in education and research to which it aspires. With students and faculty drawn from the surrounding tri-state area and internationally, Ai Philadelphia’s diversity of views and experiences is exceptional.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia is incredibly inspiring because of our students. We see the world a bit differently than others; the culture here motivates us. The term “brotherly love” resonates with everyone that works here. We are a family that inspires each person to reach their highest potential while attending school. Our students, faculty, and staff are all hard-working, dedicated, and committed individuals who want to succeed and provide or receive the best education in the market place.

In the words of Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Our goal here at The Art Institute of Philadelphia is simple: to assist our students in achieving their goals, one day at a time.

We celebrate and spread the word about the good works of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff inside and outside of the classroom. Our school focuses on our education mission, and continues to provide a talented team dedicated to student success!

Bob Kane
The Art Institute of Philadelphia