Jay Pastelak

Digital Photography

Photography Instructor
The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Jay Pastelak

Do the work. Jay Pastelak , Photography Instructor , The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Was there a defining moment when you knew you were destined to become a creative professional?

I just always knew it, and engaged in the things I would need to do as a professionals. I spent my youth trying things on and eventually finding one that fit.

How do you weave your professional background into the classroom experience?

It just happens. After all, you talk about what you know.

What class assignment exemplifies your approach to teaching and mentoring?

I just put the information out there and students do the work to demonstrate their skills.

In what way do you inspire students to push themselves beyond their own perceived limits?

I praise work I think deserves it, and honest critique when it doesn’t make the grade. But I don’t chase after students to get their work in to me—I expect them to be adults.

What’s the most important thing you impart to students to help them succeed in class and the real world?

Do the work.