Baking & Pastry

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Baking & Pastry
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

  • Apply the techniques and skills needed to produce quality baked goods in the modern pastry and bake shops and analyze the functions of all ingredients used in producing baked goods and pastries
  • Produce various baked goods to include cakes, pies, tortes, and icecream along with a variety of international and classical desserts
  • Demonstrate the total product utilization concept
  • Describe and explain the proper handling and storage of food and sundry products along with proper sanitation and safety procedures and principles
  • Accurately follow any given recipe and achieve the specified desired outcome
  • Prepare a variety of baked goods, desserts and confectionaries and demonstrate decorating, plating and display techniques
  • Identify the concepts of purchasing, receiving, and issuing practices in foodservice operations
  • Explain the characteristics, functions, and food sources of the major nutrients and understand and demonstrate nutritional cooking methods including how to maximize nutrient retention in baked goods and pastries
  • Understand the concept, importance, and practice of calculating recipe costs, food cost percentages, proper menu costs while applying various cost control functions as they relate to food service operations
  • Discuss current developments and trends in the baking and pastry industry and the food service industry in general
  • Understand and apply safe and proper usage of commonly used equipment, appliances, and hand tools used in the modern kitchen and bake shop
  • Produce modern and classical wedding and all occasion cakes that are relevant to the modern pastry industry

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Program Courses


BP10110 Artisan Breads Production
BP10310 Chocolate & Candies
BP10330 Practical Baking & Pastry Skills
BP10340 Classical Cakes & Tortes
BP10440 Wedding & Display Cake Production
BP20510 Pastry Operations & Skills Review
CU10000 Culinary/Business Math
CU10111 Application and Use of Culinary Equipment & Sanitation
CU10121 Culinary Skills I
CU10210 Introduction to Baking
CU10240 Culinary Skills II
CU10250 Nutrition
CU10330 Introduction to Pastry
CU10430 Desserts Plating & Presentation
CU20530 Management, Supervision & Career Development
CU20631 Sustainable Purchasing & Controlling Cost
IN20530CU Internship I

Total credits needed to graduate: 54

Program Electives

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