Fashion Design

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Fashion Design
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

  • Understand the influence of multiculturalism and historic costume to gain historical knowledge of past fashion trends
  • Understand regional demographics, consumer target markets and mass globalization to produce for specific clientele
  • Identify fabrics and textile fibers for selected end use
  • Analyze fashion concepts and design cycles to forecast future trends
  • Apply traditional sketching and computer techniques to produce fashion illustrations and technical specification packages
  • Employ skills in sewing techniques and garment construction
  • Demonstrate table and computer-aided pattern drafting and draping techniques to produce final patterns
  • Interact with industry professionals as guest lecturers or critics to associate industry knowledge with collection evaluation
  • Apply technical skills and production knowledge to create a final collection
  • Integrate technical and research skills in an industry-related internship
  • Prepare for entry-level careers in apparel design and manufacturing
  • Apply knowledge gained in specialty fashion design courses to produce final collection
  • Experiment with various fabrics and mediums to create a specialty garment
  • Demonstrate advanced technical skills to produce a cohesive collection
  • Create a digital portfolio with professional leave-behind materials using advanced computer skills

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Program Courses


AD10210 Life Drawing
FD0015PF Portfolio Foundations Fashion Design
FD10210 Introduction to Apparel Design
FD10412 Clothing Construction I
FD10422 Patternmaking I
FD20512 Fashion Design Sketch I
FD20522 Clothing Construction II
FD20532 Patternmaking II
FD20612 Fashion Design Sketch II
FD20622 Draping
FD20633 Computer Patternmaking
FD20642 Portfolio Preparation
FD20660 Technical Drawing I
FD20712 Patternmaking III
FD20722 Collection Development
FD20740 Computer Production Systems
FD20850 Technical Drawing II
FD31030 Technical Design
FD30930 Specialized Patternmaking
FD30922 Menswear
FD31012 Advanced Draping
FD31022 Tailoring
FD41112 Advanced Patternmaking
FD41140 Portfolio I
FD41130 Senior Collection Concept
FD41240 Portfolio II
FD41250 Senior Collection Production
FS10111 Fashion History I
FS10112 Survey of Fashion Industry
FS10211 Fashion History II
FS10212 Textiles and Fabrics
FS10322 Introduction to Manufacturing
FS20832 Trends and Concepts in Apparel
FS20842 Entrepreneurship
FS30912 Product Development
FS31012 Current Designers
GR10110 Fundamentals of Drawing
GR10130 Color Theory
IN20712FD Internship I
IN41210FD Internship II


GE10110 English Composition I
GE10120 Art History: Prehistoric to Mannerist
GE10210 English Composition II
GE10220 College Math
GE10230 Art History: Baroque to Contemporary
GE10320 Effective Speaking
GE10410 Introduction to Psychology
GE20510 Ethics
GE20540 United States History: Early Period
GE20580 Economics
GE20710 Aesthetics
GE30920 Logic
GE30950 Music Appreciation
LS10110 Computer Science

Total credits needed to graduate: 180

Program Electives

Fashion Design Elective List (Select 1):

FD30912 Special Topics in Fashion Design
FD41212 Knitting & Weaving
FD41222 Accessory Design

General Education Elective List A (Select 1):

GE10130 History of Photography
GE10310 World Literature
GE10330 American Government
GE10430 Environmental Science
GE20530 Sociology
GE20550 United States History: 20th Century
GE20560 Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance
GE20570 Western Civilization: Reformation to WWII
GE20610 Theatre Appreciation
GE20810 History of Film

General Education Elective List B (Select 5):

GE30910 Theories of Communication
GE30930 Issues in American Society
GE30940 Literature and Culture
GE30960 Introduction to Museum Studies
GE30970 History of 20th Century Art
GE30980 Creative Writing
GE30990 History of Photography: 1960 to the Present
GE31030 Comparative Religions
GE31040 Media & Pop Culture

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