Audio Production

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Audio Production
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the parameters that govern the operational limits of audio equipment and demonstrate a thorough understanding of audio theory
  • Demonstrate critical listening skills typical of a professional audio engineer including recognition of standard one-octave frequency ranges in the audible spectrum, dynamic range processing, frequency domain processing, time-based processing, digital and analog distortion, and the sonic characteristics of common data compression methods
  • Set up and troubleshoot a professional digital audio workstation and other audio/video systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to record, edit, mix, and master audio for post-production and music production in a professional standard digital audio platform
  • Implement a detailed production plan by managing the necessary assets, people, facilities, and technology needed to bring the project to completion within a required production budget and timeline and present completed production projects, including all necessary paperwork, printing, promotional materials and media to a public audience of one’s peers
  • Develop a professional business plan for a given media production project and create, interpret, and negotiate business contracts
  • Develop and organize an effective portfolio including resumes and cover letters for professional use via multiple delivery methods

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Program Courses


AP0015PF Portfolio Foundations Audio Production
AP10110 Fundamentals of Audio
AP10120 Audio Technology I
AP10210 Survey of the Music Industry
AP10220 Audio Technology II
AP10230 Listening, Analysis & Acoustics
AP10310 Audio Recording I
AP10320 Digital Audio I
AP10330 Music Theory I
AP10410 Digital Audio II
AP10420 Music Theory II
AP20510 Electronics I
AP20520 Digital Audio III
AP20530 Sound Design & Concept Development
AP20610 Electronics II
AP20620 MIDI Systems I
AP20630 Live Sound Reinforcement I
AP20710 MIDI Systems II
AP20720 Live Sound Reinforcement II
AP20730 Digital Audio Marketing Strategies
AP20810 Advanced Recording Techniques I
AP20820 Audio Recording II
AP20830 Synthesis & Sound Design I
AP30910 Advanced Recording Techniques II
AP30920 Synthesis & Sound Design II
AP31010 Senior Project I
AP31020 Digital Audio IV
AP31030 Business of Audio
AP41110 Portfolio Preparation
AP41120 Senior Project II
AP41210 Portfolio
DF10110 Introduction to Video Production
DF10240 Introduction to Digital Editing
DF20710 Interactive Visual Design
DF20721 Advanced Video Output
IM10210 Image Manipulation
IN31010AP Internship I
IN41210AP Internship II


GE10110 English Composition I
GE10210 English Composition II
GE10220 College Math
GE10230 Art History: Baroque to Contemporary
GE10320 Effective Speaking
GE10340 Pre-calculus
GE10440 History of Motion Media & Mass Communications
GE20510 Ethics
GE20520 Physics
GE20710 Aesthetics
GE20810 History of Film
GE30910 Theories of Communication
GE30920 Logic
GE31040 Media &Pop Culture
LS10110 Computer Science
LS20620 Business Law

Total credits needed to graduate: 180

Program Electives

Elective List (Select 3):

AP41130 Special Topics
AP41220 Special Projects
AP41230 Advanced Sound Design
AP41240 Interactive Audio Design
AP41250 Advanced Music Production
AP41140 Studio and Project Management
DF10211 Television Studio Production
DF10311 Non-Linear Editing
DF20511 Video Graphics
PH10350 Principles of Digital Photography

General Education Elective List A (Select 1):

GE10120 Art History: Prehistoric to Mannerist
GE10130 History of Photography
GE10310 World Literature
GE10330 American Government
GE10410 Introduction to Psychology
GE10430 Environmental Science
GE10450 Introduction to Geometry

General Education Elective List B (Select 1):

GE20530 Sociology
GE20540 United States History: Early Period
GE20550 United States History: 20th Century
GE20560 Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance
GE20570 Western Civilization: Reformation to WW II
GE20580 Economics
GE20610 Theater Appreciation

General Education Elective List C (Select 2):

GE30930 Issues in American Society
GE30940 Literature and Culture
GE30950 Music Appreciation
GE30960 Introduction to Museum Studies
GE30970 History of 20th Century Art
GE30980 Creative Writing
GE31020 Statistics
GE31030 Comparative Religions

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