Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

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Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
Associate of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the skills and responsibilities of the members of a production crew
  • Deliver a product in a variety of industry standard resolutions and media formats
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of editing theory and application
  • Operate professional video and audio recording equipment
  • Manage digital files in the execution of an efficient post-production workflow
  • Record and mix audio tracks and integrate them into video projects
  • Create pre-visualization materials that can be used in the production of video projects
  • Conceptualize and script video projects in a variety of industry standard formats
  • Design and animate motion graphics and incorporate them into video projects through non-linear editing and live switching
  • Construct a portfolio reel in multiple formats which effectively conveys the best examples of the student’s industry-quality work
  • Work with a crew of peers to create a short-film narrative or documentary that effectively conveys a full story concept with compelling characters
  • Effectively direct actors to establish solid performances in video projects
  • Formulate working relationships with real-world clients, integrating interpersonal communication skills
  • Employ an effective production workflow for digital projects, including preplanning of technology needs, synthesizing timelines and managing budgets

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Program Courses


DF0015PF Portfolio Foundations Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
DF10110 Introduction to Video Production
DF10121 Principles of Lighting
DF10211 Television Studio Production
DF10240 Introduction to Digital Editing
DF10311 Non-Linear Editing
DF10321 Multi-Camera Field Production
DF10331 Fundamentals of Scriptwriting
DF10411 Videography
DF10421 Producing and Directing
DF20511 Video Graphics
DF20521 Audio for Video
DF20611 Electronic Field Production
DF20630 Business of Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
DF20721 Advanced Video Output
DF20810 Portfolio
IM10330 Introduction to Audio
IN20710DF Internship I
PH10111 Introduction to Photoshop
PH10350 Principles of Digital Photography for Non-Majors
VE20850 Audio Post Production


GE10110 English Composition I
GE10210 English Composition II
GE10220 College Math
GE10230 Art History: Baroque to Contemporary
GE10320 Effective Speaking
GE10440 History of Motion Media and Mass Communication
GE20510 Ethics
GE20810 History of Film
LS10110 Computer Science
LS20620 Business Law

Total credits needed to graduate: 93

Program Electives

General Education Elective List (Select 1):

GE10120 Art History: Prehistoric to Mannerist
GE10130 History of Photography
GE10310 World Literature
GE10330 American Government
GE10410 Introduction to Psychology
GE10430 Environmental Science
GE20560 Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance
GE20570 Western Civilization: Reformation to WWII
GE20610 Theatre Appreciation
GE20710 Aesthetics
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