Graphic & Web Design

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Graphic & Web Design
Bachelor of Science
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate craftsmanship
  • Develop, analyze, and refine creative concepts from initial idea to final product
  • Demonstrate the principles and effective use of typography
  • Demonstrate visualization, storytelling, and conceptualization through sequential thinking
  • Draw accurate visual perspectives
  • Apply the critical thinking process and initiate creative solutions to graphic design challenges
  • Choose appropriate research, concepts, materials, tools, and media to solve design problems
  • Apply time management skills to the development and production of projects
  • Use appropriate software solutions to design problems for print and web
  • Apply professional principles and techniques of electronic file preparation
  • Select and use design terminology according to industry standard
  • Articulate and defend concepts
  • Utilize protocols, media, and coding for web solutions
  • Assess personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Demonstrate effective verbal and visual presentation skills
  • Develop a professional work ethic
  • Present a final professional portfolio
  • Conduct research related to career development
  • Articulate and reference graphic design history within design solutions
  • Develop practical skills in design, scheduling, budgeting, leadership, production, and project documentation
  • Participate in the design process through collaboration
  • Identify, develop and produce an integrated brand solution
  • Use written and verbal skills to gather and communicate project information
  • Select and apply various management strategies in business situations
  • Interact with industry professionals as guest lecturers or critics to develop visual communication according to industry standards

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Program Courses


GR0015PF Portfolio Foundations Graphic Design
GR10110 Fundamentals of Drawing
GR10120 Fundamentals of Design
GR10130 Color Theory
GR10140 Survey of Graphic Design
GR10210 Typography I
GR10220 Life Drawing
GR10230 Form and Space
GR10330 Concept Development
GR10370 Foundations of Digital Design
GR10450 Digital Layout
GR10460 Digital Illustration
GR10471 Digital Imaging & Manipulation
GR20541 Print Production
GR20561 Conceptual Imagery
GR20571 Typography II
GR20580 Digital Photography for Designers
GR20620 Graphic Symbolism
GR20650 Graphic Design History
GR20670 Introduction to Web Design
GR20755 Web Scripting
GR20761 Product Graphics
GR20771 Corporate Identity
GR20790 Motion Graphics for the Web
GR20795 Typography III
GR20820 Publication Design
GR20850 Collateral Design
GR20860 Portfolio Preparation
GR30950 Information Design
GR30970 Environmental Graphic Design
GR31010 Editorial Design
GR31021 Marketing Design
GR31030 Emerging Technologies
GR31040 Senior Design Studio
GR41110 Professional Portfolio
GR41120 Art Direction
GR41140 Interactive Portfolio
GR41210 Senior Project
GR41230 Business for Graphic Designers
IN41220GR Internship


GE10110 English Composition I
GE10120 Art History: Prehistoric to Mannerist
GE10210 English Composition II
GE10220 College Mathematics
GE10230 Art History: Baroque to Contemporary
GE10310 World Literature
GE10320 Effective Speaking
GE10410 Introduction to Psychology
GE20510 Ethics
GE20530 Sociology
GE20710 Aesthetics
GE30910 Theories of Communication
GE30930 Issues in American Society
GE30970 History of 20th Century Art
LS10110 Computer Science

Program Electives

Graphic Design Elective List (Select 1):

GR10340 Layout Design
GR20641 Advertising Layout
GR20782 Advertising Design
GR20870 Intermediate Drawing
GR30930 Media Techniques
GR30940 Book Arts
GR30960 Integrated Motion Graphics
GR41130 Design Group
IM10340 Advanced Image Manipulation
IM20620 Interactive Motion Graphics
PH10221 Photo Techniques
PH30940 Special Topics in Photography I

General Education Elective List A (Select 2):

GE10130 History of Photography
GE10330 American Government
GE20520 Physics
GE20540 United States History: Early Period
GE20550 United States History: 20th Century
GE20560 Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance
GE20570 Western Civilization: Reformation to WWII
GE20580 Economics
GE20610 Theatre Appreciation
LS20620 Business Law

General Education Elective List B (Select 3):

GE30920 Logic
GE30940 Literature and Culture
GE30950 Music Appreciation
GE30960 Introduction to Museum Studies
GE30980 Creative Writing
GE30990 History of Photography 1960 to Present
GE31020 Statistics
GE31030 Comparative Religions
GE31040 Media & Pop Culture
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