Alumni Stories

Jordan Podos

Chief Creative Officer for See. Spot. Cut.
The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Jordan Podos

The Art Institute of Philadelphia did a fantastic job of introducing me to the various aspects of production and post production so that I could effectively understand the various job functions and manage a team of various disciplines. Jordan Podos , Chief Creative Officer for See. Spot. Cut. 1999 , The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Associate of Specialized Technology, Interactive Media Design, 1999

Oversees Company’s Business and Creative Needs; Creative Director and Senior Editor on Production Projects 

Jordan Podos is the owner and creative lead at See. Spot. Cut. He oversees all business and creative needs of the company, including sales and new business initiatives, as well as serving as the company’s creative director and senior editor on production projects.

His work experience includes a position as a senior editor for 4Kids Productions as well as freelance producing and editing for clients including Showtime, A&E, Tru TV, IFC, Sundance Channel, Imaginary Forces, HBO and many others. Jordan’s typical workday is “far from typical” and can include meetings, project edits, or opportunities to build new business.  

Jordan says that each step of his career has brought new and unique challenges. While working as a freelancer, the economic troubles of 2008 forced many clients out of business—but he was committed to making his career a priority.  Through constant reinvention, Jordan engaged new clients, built new skills and succeeded in the industry. He started the creative production company See. Spot. Cut. in 2012. 

Jordan admits that growth is a continued challenge due to the high amount of competition. “Changes in the way the television promotions business is operating directly impact how often our clients utilize outside vendors. One way we combat this is by always being available for potential clients, regardless of the hour. I encourage everyone that works for me to express themselves creatively on every project. Their creativity and dedication is what separates us from our competition. Everyone is comfortable taking a chance.”  

Jordan earned an Associate of Specialized Technology in Interactive Media Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 1999. He says that the school introduced him to the various aspects of production and post production, helping him to understand job functions and to manage a team from multiple disciplines. He recommends that current students network as much as possible and continue their personal growth through learning new software and finding a mentor.  

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