Alumni Stories

Simone Middleton

Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award-Winning Video Coordinator
The Art Institute of Philadelphia


The Art Institute of Philadelphia gave me hands-on experience that impressed employers [when I was] coming out of school Simone Middleton , Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award-Winning Video Coordinator Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production, 2011 , The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Simone Middleton is a digital librarian for Fox News Channel. She’s responsible for properly selecting and annotating large volumes of media into a digital asset management system for the network’s Washington, D.C. Bureau. She also catalogues media for archiving, manages metadata, and researches and logs video assets. Prior to joining Fox News Channel, she worked at ABC 7/WJLA in Arlington, Virginia and for Light-Thief Productions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She was honored to recently receive both an Emmy and an Edward R. Murrow Award for her work in broadcasting as a video coordinator. “During the four years from 2012-2016, I paid my dues. I was placed through the ringer, with hard hours, tough situations, and slow growth, but I kept in mind what my goals were. I knew that I was going to be successful—and when it was my time to shine, all of the pieces of the puzzle came together.”

She says that her most challenging work situations involve breaking news. “No breaking news situation is the same and some are harder than others. Regardless, you have to think fast and realize that the main duty is to get information on air quickly and accurately.” Because she maintains a large amount of information, she must also be certain that there are no errors made. “You learn this by trial and error and by finding a work flow that works well for you.”

To excel in her career, Simone has taken risks and learned from her mistakes. She recommends that current students keep their heads up when things get rough—and keep pushing forward. “Learn how to be great at your job duties—and the duties of [other people on your team]. This helps you to be well-rounded and multi-talented.” She also advocates networking and sending thank you cards to those who have helped along the way. “Getting your foot in the door is hard. Staying in the industry, sometimes, is harder.” She says that when times are tough, she asks herself, “how badly do you want this?” And she encourages people new to the industry to surround themselves with like-minded people.

Simone adds that she has a true passion for her work. “If you truly care about what you create, others around you will respect you. I think of myself as a brand. Television and video production is a very small industry. Everyone knows one another and has worked at all of the same companies.” She adds that by carrying herself as a brand, she identifies herself as someone willing to go the extra mile. Simone adds that this helps people to know both her and her dedication to being a dependable team member.

Now that she’s proven herself within the industry, Simone is challenged to keep growing. She wants to show that she’s worthy of sitting at the same table as “industry veterans.” To help up-and-comers break into the industry, she enjoys taking interns under her wing to help them to pursue their career goals. “We all look up to someone in our lives. I can give them a guiding light and give back to those who need and want it the most.”

Simone, who in 2011 earned a Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, says that her education provided a solid foundation of experience that impressed potential employers. “[At school], you are introduced to equipment and tools [and given the opportunity to use them in a hands-on environment].” She adds that learning from teachers and advisers who are professionals within the media industry was inspiring and gave her a real-world view into the realities of broadcasting.

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