Baking & Pastry

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Baking & Pastry
Associate of Applied Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Produce a wide variety of artisan breads, pastries and plated d
  • Create sugar, chocolate and patellae centerpieces.
  • Produce complex pastries and cakes involving multiple skills and techniques.
  • Design a business plan for a commercial bakery or bakery-café.

Program Courses

COM201 Effective Speaking**
CU100 Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
CU110 Culinary Theory and Concepts
CU124 Introduction to Baking and Pastry Techniques
CU130 American Regional Cuisine
CU165 Kitchen Management and Career Development
CU209 Artisan Breads and Baking Production
CU219 European Cakes and Tortes
CU225 Management by Menu
CU229 Advanced Patisserie and Display Cakes
CU234 Classical European Cuisine
CU240 A la Carte
CU249 Sustainable Purchasing and Controlling Costs
CU255 Food and Beverage Operations Management
CU260 Culinary Capstone
CU279 Chocolate, Confections and Centerpieces
ENG100 English I**
HUM101 Critical Thinking**
HUM201 Spanish I**
MAT104 College Algebra**
SCI156 Nutritional Science**

Total Quarter Credits 90

Program Electives

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