Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

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Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
Bachelor of Arts
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Pre-Production: demonstrate skills in planning and project management, developing scripts and storyboards, and effective optimization for delivery methods.
  • Production: demonstrate skills in design and composition, lighting techniques, audio integration, use of production tools, setting and talent development and documentation completion.
  • Post-Production: demonstrate skills in capture and processing, editing, story development and delivery, element integration, and packaging and presentation.
  • Presentation/Career Skills: articulate and apply the professional standards of the industry through a demonstration of originality, content quality, process book, portfolio/demo reel and presentation.

Program Courses

AR111 Fundamentals of Design
AR131 Principles of Photography
AR181 Color Theory
CG131 Image Manipulation
CG221 Broadcast Graphics
CG231 Digital Audio/Video
COM201 Effective Speaking**
DF101 Tools, Technology and Terminology
DF121 Intermediate Video Production
DF131 Fundamentals of Lighting
DF211 Fundamentals of Editing
DF215 Intermediate Editing
DF221 Digital Cinematography
DF231 Advanced Lighting
DF241 Advanced Digital Cinematography
DF251 Electronic Field Production
DF271 History of Film and Media
DF300 Film Theory and Criticism
DF305 Senior Project: Preproduction
DF315 Advanced Editing
DF321 Documentary Production
DF325 Directing Technique
DF330 Project Development
DF350 Screenwriting
DF405 Senior Project: Production
DF410 Senior Project: Postproduction
DF421 Senior Project: Defense
DM111 Sound Design
DM321 Directing Theory
DM341 Media Compositing
DM345 Production Design
DM351 Media Design Workshop or EX400 Externship
ENG100 English I**
ENG200 English II**
FA107 Art History**
FX351 Advanced Sound Design
FX391 Interactive Visual Design
GE490 General Education Capstone**
HUM101 Critical Thinking**
HUM102 Philosophy and Ethics**
MA210 Conceptual Storytelling
MA310 Acting and Movement
MA440 Portfolio Pre-Production
MA490 Portfolio Production
MAT104 College Algebra**
PD320 Media Business Law
PD331 Writing for Media
VP111 Video Camera and Lighting Techniques
VP115 Introduction to Audio
VP161 Pre-Production

Humanities/Fine Arts Elective** 4
Social/Behavior Science Elective** 4
Science Elective** 4
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective or Social/Behavioral Science Elective** 4
Math/Computer Science Elective** 4
English/Communications Elective** 4

Total Quarter Credits 180

Program Electives

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