Digital Photography

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Digital Photography
Bachelor of Arts
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Demonstrate skill and expertise in the areas of digital color management, digital asset management, lighting, composition, and image manipulation.
  • Exhibit skill in HTML, Web, and video that supplement and enhance photographic foundations.
  • Develop a style and vision conveying a personal point of view using problem-solving processes to integrate extraordinary print quality and skillful judgment of aesthetic value.
  • Prove a sound knowledge of business fundamentals, business operations, marketing, communication, ethics, and professional behavior needed by photographers.
  • Utilize numerous professional photographic formats and associated technical equipment and software.
  • Display increased skills through the cultivation, research, development, and execution of an extensive body of photographic work.

Program Courses

AD341 Brand Strategy and Marketing
AR111 Fundamentals of Design
AR121 Perspective
AR131 Principles of Photography
AR181 Color Theory
AR231 Creative Photography
CG131 Image Manipulation
CG141 Digital Typography
CG215 Advanced Image Manipulation
CG233 Design for Interactive Media
COM201 Effective Speaking**
ENG100 English I**
ENG200 English II**
FA107 Art History**
GE490 General Education Capstone**
GR221 Digital Layout
GR241 Advertising Concepts
GR295 Portfolio I
GR395 Portfolio II
GR422 Digital Portfolio
HUM101 Critical Thinking**
HUM102 Philosophy and Ethics**
MAT104 College Algebra**
PD405 Project Preparation◊
PH112 Introduction to Photography◊
PH132 Large Format Photography◊
PH134 Lighting◊
PH136 Color Management
PH142 History of Photography
PH144 Photojournalism
PH146 Printing
PH214 Location Photography
PH222 Portraiture
PH224 Advanced Lighting
PH226 Editorial Photography
PH242 Photo Essay
PH322 Studio Photography
PH324 Business of Photography
PH326 Photo Criticism
PH342 Photo Essay II
PH344 Special Topics I
PH346 Corporate/Industrial Photography
PH352 Portfolio Expansion
PH354 Special Topics II or EX400 Externship
PH442 Architectural Photography
PH444 Business Operations and Management
PH446 Digital Photographic Portfolio
PH452 Exhibition Printing
VP111 Video Camera and Lighting Techniques
WS110 Web Page Scripting

Humanities/Fine Arts Elective** 4
Social/Behavioral Science Elective** 4
Science Elective** 4
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective or Social/Behavioral Science Elective** 4
Math or Science Elective** 4
English/Communications Elective** 4

Total Quarter Credits 180

Program Electives

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