Alumni Stories

Andrew Chambers

Media Arts & Animation

Customization Coordinator, PING Golf
The Art Institute of Phoenix

Andrew Chambers

[My education] gave me a taste of the real world and helped me to understand what life was like in an art studio setting. Andrew Chambers , Customization Coordinator, PING Golf Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Animation, 2015 , The Art Institute of Phoenix
Creates Vector Art Images Used on PING Golf Merchandise 

As the customization coordinator for PING Golf, Andrew Chambers is responsible for producing the vector art used in production of PING golf merchandise. He also manages digital files and folders, processes merchandise orders, and submits completed work to licensing companies. “Throughout my day, I create several vector images used on merchandise,” he says. Prior to joining PING, Andrew was a lead concept artist for a gaming company. He’s also freelanced to create concept art, a children’s book, and character design for a video game.

He explains that in his industry, 100% commitment is needed in order to succeed. “Getting my job at PING definitely showed me that hard work and determination can pay off.” He adds that creative individuals must continue to push themselves and never give up. He finds inspiration by looking at comic books, drawings, and action figures—placed on his walls and desk. “I even have a whiteboard to doodle on. I think others see my stuff and they can relate in one way or another. It starts a conversation.”

Andrew mentions that he is often challenged by the daily demands of his work—pushing him to work faster and create better art. But the work is worth it because he’s in a position that he enjoys. “[It can be a challenge to find] a good job in the industry. They are definitely out there but they can be hard to find. With determination, you can find a job you’ll love.” 

Andrew, who in 2015 earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Phoenix, says that his education help him to develop as an artist—and as his own manager. “It gave me a taste of the real world and helped me to understand what life was like in an art studio setting.”

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