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Welcome to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Our Mission

To provide an education in design, media arts and culinary that prepares students for individual and professional success.

Our Values

1. We provide a distinctive, quality education
2. We value student success
3. We respect students, faculty and staff
4. We engage our communities
5. We support sustainable growth and strategic investment

Our Vision

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s vision is to be America’s leader in creative arts education.

Pittsburgh president george w sebolt

Dear Students,

On behalf of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I am so pleased to welcome you into a college community with a distinctive history characterized by graduate career success.

We are looking forward to the inspired ideas and creativity you’ll bring to life here.

When you arrive, you'll become part of something important. Something bigger than you can imagine and defined by the power of your imagination.

As a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, you'll find yourself immersed in a community of expressive problem-solvers who make a difference with inspired creativity.

You are the reason we are here.

Your career success is our single motivation for advancements in curriculum, our quest for excellence and our investment in resources of every type.

At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, your investment in education is met with a strong sense of purpose. Here, you'll meet a team of inspired educators and experienced professionals ready to welcome, embrace and challenge you to reach new heights with innovative paths to successful learning.

Now is the time to make it count. As you begin, take a moment to define your personal mission and ask yourself exactly what you want to achieve.

I'll ask you to set high goals for yourself and plan to take advantage of everything our campus is prepared to offer: experienced, dedicated faculty; multiple scholarship opportunities; access to industry-utilized technology; the support of dedicated career services professionals and a robust college life experience.

Above all, enjoy this important time in your life during which you'll develop and discover the creative professional you are here to become.

Welcome to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

George W. Sebolt

Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.