Hospitality Food & Beverage Management

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Hospitality Food & Beverage Management
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

Individuals in Food and Beverage Operations will learn how to evaluate customer needs, identify the personnel, equipment, and service techniques needed to serve the customers. They will also gain knowledge of customer behavior, alcohol service, leadership, marketing, finances, and management within this field.

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Program Courses

Program Courses

CUL102 Sanitation and Safety
CUL209 Sustainable Purchasing and Controlling Costs
CUL210 Management, Supervision and Career Development
CUL222 Food and Beverage Operations Management
CUL236 Management by Menu
CUL327 Hospitality Information Systems
CUL427 Quality Service Management and Training
HRM110 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry & Industry Trends
HRM135 Introduction to Foods, Cooking Production and Preparation Techniques
HRM215 History and Study of Cuisines
HRM321 Elements of Food Display, Plating and Buffet
HRM324 Wines and Spirits Management
HRM331 Advanced Beverage Management, Oenology, and Viticulture

Total credits required to graduate: 39

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