Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

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Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

  • Communication: Graduates integrate the elements of storytelling and collaborate with and direct participants in a project to communicate ideas to an intended audience.
  • Context: Graduates evaluate aesthetics and a wide range of stories in various genres and film history and develop research skills to support creative vision and outcome.
  • Pre-Production: Graduates conceptualize and create scripts, story boards, and production development plans.
  • Production: Graduates direct and execute successful production plans; identify, anticipate and find solutions to technical, logistical, storytelling, and personnel problems; integrate theory, techniques, and terminology of the field; and apply cinematography, lighting, and audio as components of the storytelling process.
  • Post-Production: Graduates integrate technical aptitude, aesthetic decision-making, and an awareness of intended audience through technical proficiency in editing and assembling audio and video elements of a film. Professionalism: Graduates present and conduct themselves professionally; demonstrate knowledge of the film industry and industry expectations; and apply business principles and practices while maintaining legal and ethical standards.

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Program Courses

Program Courses

AUDA101 Fundamentals of Audio
DFVA101 Survey of Digital Filmmaking& Video Production
DFVA102 Introduction to Filmmaking Applications & Design
DFVA103 Fundamentals of Video Production
DFVA105 Conceptual Storytelling
DFVA107 Fundamentals of Producing & Directing
DFVA111 Principles of Cinematography
DFVA113 Fundamentals of Editing
DFVA123 Intermediate Video Production
DFVA133 Lighting for Digital Film
DFVA201 Fundamentals of Scriptwriting
DFVA202 Digital Cinematography
DFVA203 Intermediate Editing
DFVA204 Acting & Directing
DFVA205 History of Film & Media
DFVA208 Media Business Practices
DFVA212 Broadcast Graphics I
DFVA213 Studio Production
DFVA214 Scriptwriting
DFVA222 Broadcast Graphics II
DFVA223 Intermediate Audio
DFVA233 Electronic Field Production
DFVA303 Multi-Camera Production
DFVA307 Media Theory & Criticism
DFVA308 Media Delivery Systems and Distribution
DFVA309 Portfolio I
DFVA313 Sound Design
DFVA316 Media Production Workshop -OR- DFVA306 Internship
DFVA323 Short Media Production
DFVA332 Senior Project Preparation
DFVA333 Senior Project Production
DFVA343 Advanced Editing
DFVA353 Compositing for Digital Film
DFVA403 Senior Project Post Production
DFVA409 Portfolio II
FNDA135 Image Manipulation
FNDA150 Digital Color Theory

General Education Courses

ART1000 Introduction to the Visual Arts
COM1010 Introduction to Communications
COM3010 Advanced Communications
ENG1010 Composition and Language
MTH1010 College Math

General Education Electives

Ten General Education Elective Courses

Program Elective
Choose three program electives from:

CC478 Special Projects
DFV213 Lighting II
DFV300 Experimental Filmmaking & Video Art
DFV325 Filmmaking
DFV334 Adaptation Production
DFV335 Digital Documentary Production
DFV336 Audio Post Production
DFV431 Advanced Sound Design

Total credits required to graduate: 180

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