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Graphic & Web Design
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

  • Technical expertise: Demonstrated through proficiency of software, manual skills, and craftsmanship for preparation and presentation of work.
  • Visual and Verbal Communication: Demonstrated through an expressive visual voice, control of form, and relevance to the needs of the client and values of the target audience.
  • Design Professionalism: Displayed in the student’s work through demonstration of insightful background research, and credibility. The work should be error-free with a meaningful hierarchy of visual elements.
  • Theory and Concept: Student’s work demonstrates striking originality. Evidence of knowledge of design trends is thorough and the solving of the design problem is insightful.
  • Graduates will have a basic marketing package and basic portfolio of work, demonstrating the competencies of the curriculum.
  • Form: Student’s work demonstrates applied mastery of application of the formal aspects of graphic design, image making, and typography to the creation of design objects (form) and page compositions.

See for complete Gainful employment information for this degree.

Program Courses

Program Courses

FND135 Introduction to Web Design
FNDA105 Design Fundamentals
FNDA135 Image Manipulation
G121 Concept Development
G131 Typography
G212 Electronic Design
G224 Design Principles
G230 Digital Illustration
G312 Design and Technology
G313 Portfolio
G444 Interactive Portfolio Design
GWDA101 Applications & Industry

Total credits required to graduate: 36

Program Electives

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