Alumni Stories

Devin Hipp

Game Art & Design

Project Manager and 3D Artist at Red Leonard Associates
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Devin Hipp

My education helped to introduce me to the game art creation workflow. It helped to moderate the steep learning curve and daunting work load [of this industry]. Devin Hipp , Project Manager and 3D Artist at Red Leonard Associates Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design, 2014 , The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Devin Hipp is a project manager and 3D artist at Red Leonard Associates in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company is one of the largest manufacturer's representative agencies in North America. He’s responsible for 3D asset creation, architectural modeling and design, and team task delegation. “I am always trying to introduce my team to new techniques and skills I have learned while performing my duties at work, or while practicing on my own time at home. We are constantly sharing new ideas and workflows with each other to try and become more proficient with our projects,” he says.

After being promoted to a production manager position, Devin was given many responsibilities and tasks that he wasn’t familiar with—creating challenges that he learned to overcome with time and practice. “I felt overwhelmed and wasn't confident in my ability to perform my job adequately. I spent a lot of time asking questions, and even more time studying up on my new responsibilities. I now am much more comfortable and confident.” Devin adds that when opportunities arise, they should be embraced—even if they’re difficult. “There isn't much that can't be overcome with good old fashioned hard work.”

Devin says that the industry is extremely competitive. “There are countless people wanting the same job you do. If you aren't fully committed to learning the craft and becoming better every day, it's going to be insanely tough to find a job.” To keep himself ahead of the curve, he spends hours of his own time each day learning and practicing game creation. “I came to the school hours early almost every day, sat in a lab, and worked on personal projects. I uninstalled every game I had on my computer to reduce distractions, and just kept my nose to the grindstone.”

Devin, who in 2014 earned a Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, credits his strong portfolio, created in school, for helping him to find a position in the game design industry. He recommends that current students actively seek the help of instructors and peers. “A big advantage you gain by going to school is being surrounded by people with similar goals and skill sets. Use your time wisely and absorb as much knowledge as possible.”

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