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Ryan Allen

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Paint and Composite Artist at Toronto's Stereo D
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Alumni Ryan Allen

[My education] did help prepare me [for my career] by teaching me what I need to know. Ryan Allen , Paint and Composite Artist at Toronto's Stereo D Bachelor of Science in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, 2014 , The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Ryan Allen is a paint and composite artist at Toronto’s Stereo D, a company that works with major motion picture studios, directors, cinematographers, and VFX supervisors to bring their vision of 3D storytelling to life. “In short, I make up information that isn't there when a 2D film is brought in 3D," he says. Ryan’s career is extremely fast paced, with shots coming in one right after another. "Be prepared in this industry for long hours."

He’s proud to have started in the industry at Stereo D and finds creative inspiration by looking at things with “a different eye.” Despite the long hours, he describes his workplace as a somewhat relaxing environment. “Yes, there are long hours, but there are still fun times like Nerf wars, team contests, and decorating your desk along with the office for holidays.”

Ryan, who in 2014 earned a Bachelor of Science in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, says that his education provided the foundation needed for his career. He encourages current students to always be open to new technology. “Each company has their own proprietary software so the learning never stops." Ryan also recommends that people new to the industry be persistent. “To get a job, you have to send out resumes every other day. Also network—find people in the industry and talk to them. Make a new friend [at work] because in-company references go a long way.”