Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

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Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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Program Courses


ART101 Principles of Visual Communication
ART102 Color Theory
ART122 Visual Thinking
ART141 Basic Photographic Techniques
DFV101 Principles of Digital Film & Video
DFV131 Introduction to Audio
DFV141 Introduction to Video Production
DFV211 Digital Video Production
DFV212 Introduction to Editing
DFV223 Intermediate Camera & Lighting Techniques
DFV252 Fundamentals of Scriptwriting
DFV253 Scriptwriting
DFV255 Story Development & Ideation
DFV281 Digital Documentary Production
GD121 Introduction to Computer Graphics
HUM134 Fundamentals of Acting
MA136 Image Manipulation
VEMG121 Introduction to Visual Effects
Lower Division Program Elective(s), totaling 9 credits
Lower Division Required Credits 63


DFV301 Digital Short
DFV304 Production Design & Art Direction
DFV310 Digital Film & Video Internship
DFV313 Non-linear Editing
DFV330 Production Planning
DFV331 Motion & Broadcast Graphics I
DFV333 Sound Design
DFV334 Studio Sound Recording
DFV341 Production Sound Recording
DFV344 Finishing Strategies
DFV351 Directing
DFV377 Foundation Portfolio
DFV413 Advanced Non-linear Editing
DFV417 Digital Portfolio & Professional Development
DFV490 Senior Project/Studio I: Pre-Production
DFV491 Senior Project/Studio II: Production
DFV492 Senior Project/Studio III: Post-Production
Upper Division Program Electives, totaling 9 credits
Upper Division Required Credits 60
Program Field Credits 123


ART204 Ancient to Gothic History: Objects, Art & Artifacts
ART205 Rise of Artistic Individuality
ART206 Revolution: The Roots of 19th & 20th Century Art
HST306 History of Media & Technology I
HST307 History of Media & Technology II
HUM101 Design Foundations
HUM340 American Film Genres
HUM354 Film Criticism
HUM356 History of Film
ICOR490 Senior Seminar
MTH104 College Mathematics
WR121 English Composition I
WR125 Argumentation & Research
WR126 Writing & the Literary Arts
Computer Sciences Elective
Laboratory Science Elective
Liberal Arts Elective(s), totaling 6 credits
Natural Science Elective(s), totaling 6 credits
Liberal Arts Required Credits 57

Program Electives

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