Alumni Stories

Hailee Pullman

Media Arts & Animation

Stop Motion Animator, Ozwest Zing Toys
The Art Institute of Portland

Hailee Pullman

[My education helped me to] get an internship with the award-winning show "Portlandia." Hailee Pullman , Stop Motion Animator, Ozwest Zing Toys Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation, 2016 , The Art Institute of Portland

Animates Stikbots and Stikpets for YouTube Page

Hailee Pullman is a stop motion animator for Ozwest Zing Toys. She animates the popular Stikbot and Stikpets for the company’s YouTube page, helps with set dressing and prop making, and writes and edits videos. Prior to joining Ozwest Zing Toys, she worked as an art department intern on season three of the television show “Portlandia.” 

Hailee assists in setting up a scene with the cameraman, editor, and props master. “I give them an animator's insight. Once the scene is done shooting, I will help to tear down the set and transfer the footage to the editor. Before we start shooting, we do voiceovers that I can animate to have a more natural movement to the words.” 

She recommends that current students stay focused on their goals. “Believe in yourself to create what you want to share, even if that means just putting a pencil to paper and scribbling. Something amazing will come out.” 

Hailee, who in 2016 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Portland, says that her work challenges her each day to grow and learn. “This company has been an amazing place to grow as an animator and as a person.” She also keeps her workplace creative by working closely with others and respecting their opinions. “Working with others around me has made me become a valuable employee to my manager and peers. My voice now matters. Every day I am able to experience the benefits of my hard work. That is the beauty of stop motion. When it is all done, I get to see it published to the Stikbot Central YouTube page.” 

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