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Fashion Marketing & Management
Bachelor of Arts
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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• Demonstrate proficiency with common business computer programs including inventory management, presentation, spreadsheet, and Web software

• Accurately use industry terminology to analyze and meet client needs. This process will include trend forecasting, textile evaluation, buying plans, and usage for specific markets

• Demonstrate the ability to plan and analyze key marketing and management processes including event planning, product development, target market identification, market research strategies, branding, electronic marketing, and supply chain distribution

• Demonstrate the knowledge of Visual Merchandising as a communication tool to market the merchandise to the consumer

• Demonstrate professional presentation skills to include appropriate interpersonal communication skills; articulation of knowledge of fashion marketing and management; and mastery of industry standards, professional practices and ethics

• Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of the global marketplace in terms of trade restrictions and international business

Program Courses

Total Credit Hours: 180
Program-Specific Credits: 132

  • ADVA201 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • ADVA204 Consumer Behavior and Persuasive Sales Techniques
  • ADVA307 Brand Strategy
  • ADVA328 Public Relations
  • ADVA348 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
  • ADVA407 E-Commerce Strategies and Analytics
  • FADA103 Textile Fundamentals
  • FADA111 Survey of the Fashion Industry
  • FADA207 Early History of Fashion
  • FADA208 Trends and Forecasting
  • FADA217 Modern History of Fashion
  • FADA308 Fundamentals of Business
  • FADA312 Sourcing and Technical Design
  • FMMA101 Introduction to Retailing
  • FMMA103 Survey of Manufacturing and Product Development
  • FMMA104 Sales Promotion
  • FMMA201 Merchandising Math
  • FMMA202 3D Visual Merchandising I
  • FMMA203 Event and Fashion Show Production
  • FMMA208 Finance Principles
  • FMMA211 Retail Buying
  • FMMA212 3D Visual Merchandising II
  • FMMA218 Human Resource Management
  • FMMA221 Merchandise Management
  • FMMA301 Elements of Retail Logistics and Distribution
  • FMMA302 Global Marketing
  • FMMA303 Apparel Fit and Construction Evaluation
  • FMMA308 Fashion Business Law
  • FMMA312 Fundamentals of Fashion Styling
  • FMMA406 Internship
  • FMMA408 Entrepreneurship
  • FMMA409 Portfolio I
  • FMMA419 Portfolio and Professional Development
  • FND105 Design Fundamentals
  • FND135 Image Manipulation
  • FND150 Digital Color Theory
  • GWDA103 Digital Illustration

Program-Related Electives: Select Three

  • FADA101 Elements of Garment Construction
  • FADA402 Digital Textile Design
  • FADA102 Fashion Illustration
  • GWDA204 Introduction to Writing for Interactive Media
    *Other courses may be selected, subject to Academic Director/Program Coordinator approval, upon request.

General Program Electives: Select Four

  • FND110 Observational Drawing
  • FND120 Perspective Drawing
  • GWDA101 Applications & Industry
  • GWDA111 Introduction to Layout Design
  • GWDA122 Typography - Hierarchy
  • PHOA101 Principles of Photography

*Other courses may be selected, subject to Academic Director/Program Coordinator approval, upon request.

* Minimum of 88 internship hours for the quarter

General Education Credits: 48

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