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Web Design & Interactive Media
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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• Demonstrate the use of appropriate visual elements and visual communication skills for interactive media

• Create applications that solve specified problems through a variety of scripting techniques

• Critique and evaluate appropriate design solutions

• Design and develop media marketing and business plans

Program Courses

Total Credit Hours: 48
Course Credits: 48

  • FND135 Image Manipulation
  • GWDA103 Digital Illustration
  • GWDA111 Introduction to Layout Design
  • GWDA112 Typography - Traditional
  • GWDA123 Programming Logic
  • GWDA132 Information Architecture
  • GWDA133 Fundamentals of Web Design
  • GWDA202 Interface Design
  • GWDA209 Portfolio I
  • GWDA213 Timeline Animation and Interaction
  • GWDA243 Object Oriented Scripting
  • GWDA273 Intermediate Web Design
  • GWDA283 Advanced Web Design
  • GWDA303 Interactive Motion Graphics
  • GWDA382 Design for Mobile Devices
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