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Welcome to The Art Institute of California—Sacramento


Whether you’re a student looking to turn your passion into a career, a family who’s curious about the viability of a creative and applied art college, a local employer looking to fill a need with a reliable hire, or a community organization wondering how a potential collaboration might grow into a mutually beneficial relationship, it’s my goal that you all experience the three hallmarks of The Art Institute of California—Sacramento: Awesome Classes, Exceptional Service, Community Infusion.

Awesome Classes begin with amazing faculty. The faculty at Ai California—Sacramento creates a dynamic and challenging classroom environment. They are dedicated, professional, and encouraging industry experts who are close to their areas of focus and excited about sharing their experience and knowledge. The equation is simple: amazing faculty + passionate students = awesome classes.

The attention to detail and personalized service you’ll experience when interacting with the various support services on campus is nothing short of exceptional. The goal of each interaction with our administrative professionals is to give you all the information you need to make the most informed decision possible. And we strive to achieve that each and every time.

I believe The Art Institute of California—Sacramento is able to serve the greater Northern California community through educating new professionals who will power the creative economy now and for years to come. We’re constantly searching for new and creative ways to partner with our community to serve that end.

The fact still remains that all products are designed—or have some design element—and everyone needs to eat. The Art Institute of California—Sacramento has served its community for 10 proud years, and we will continue our ongoing mission of preparing students to succeed in the creative and applied arts.

John Andersen
The Art Institute of California—Sacramento
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