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Anthony Horn

Web Design & Interactive Media

Web Developer for University of California
The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Alumni Anthony Horn

[In school I gained] real-world experience through internships and was encouraged to take on small client projects. Anthony Horn , Web Developer for University of California Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media, 2010 , The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Anthony Horn is a web developer for University of California, Davis. He’s responsible for front and back end web development, including interfacing with clients to plan, architect, and execute a successful web project. “My unit specializes in enterprise level ‘Drupal Development’ for higher education, [a system that] leverages the power of the community and the content management system to support the university.”

His team is very involved in the Drupal community, and Anthony is committed to being a part of the community through attending co-working sessions and meet-ups where he learns and shares knowledge with others. “We also like to attend all the big Drupal community gatherings so we can meet the people that build and maintain the tools we use every day.”

Anthony began his career in internships at a print shop and a digital design agency. “I got some really good experience that I still cite today as testament to my diverse set of skills. From there, I worked at a number of small web development, marketing, and social media agencies that allowed me to grow my skills.” In his current position, he says he’s actualized his potential for more sophisticated work and methodologies, making him a dynamic employee with many skill sets.

A typical workday involves assignments that could take him to campus or to meet with clients. He then returns to his off-campus office for planning, web development, or providing support for existing sites. “I obviously take a lunch, which is sometimes spent at our Drupal co-working group. Or I listen to a Brown Bag talk, which is like a speaker series within our department.”

Anthony says that the web design and development field requires a high level of commitment. “I commit nights, days, and weekends to learning and surround myself with people to learn from. The landscape is ever changing and I have had to change with it, and keep a finger on the pulse. If you don't continue learning, you can get left behind very quickly.”

He recommends that current students and new employees use the resources at their disposal. “People want to see you succeed, and will offer support, advice and help if you just seek them out.” He adds that he faced an obstacle in his career when he saw that his skills and knowledge tended to stagnate when he worked in an isolated environment. “The solution is to find a place where there are many people working hard with products and people they believe in. I've come to understand the importance of surrounding yourself daily with a diverse group of people and skill sets.”

Anthony, who in 2010 earned a Bachelor of Science in Web Site Development from The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, says that the training and foundation in design and development he received in school was very important. “But what I found more important was the real world experience gained through internships and being encouraged to take on small client projects.” He says that the most important skill he developed in school was the ability to continue learning. “I'm stretched every day by the moving landscape of technology. Front end development has really grown over the last couple of years and I am in a period of exponential growth as I take on the challenges of learning how to manage and maintain complex front end projects using tools like SASS, Gulp, NPM, and Pattern Lab.”