Alumni Stories

Debra Ledsinger

Web Design & Interactive Media

Staff Photographer at Dorfman Pacific
The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Alumni Debra Ledsinger

My education provided me with the resources to continue my education and to remain current in my chosen field. Debra Ledsinger , Staff Photographer at Dorfman Pacific Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media, 2011 , The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Debra Ledsinger is a staff photographer at Dorfman Pacific. She schedules and plans photo shoots, shoots product and lifestyle photography, prepares electronic files for print and digital media, maintains the studio, and communicates with agencies, models, art directors, clients, vendors, and internal sales associates. Each day, Debra commutes from Sacramento, California to Stockton to prepare the studio.

She calibrates her equipment and begins shooting photos. Debra uploads the images into a server or the company’s content management system. “The more fun and interesting days are those where I do lifestyle photography shoots or when I'm photographing on location,” she says.

She is proud to have optimized the company’s photography flow to a point where over 100 products are able to be photographed and post-processed each day. Changes in technology keep her on her toes—and she’s committed to staying up to date with the tools of the trade. “Sometimes I think I liked it better when we would get all of the updates in one lump sum every other year or so,” she states.

Debra adds that being a photographer takes a high level of commitment because there is intense competition within the industry. “To remain competitive, I participate in professional organizations.”

She experienced the benefits of her hard work when one of her photos was accepted for publication in Vogue Italia. She’s also achieved success in various international photography competitions. But she says the best measure of success is providing positive and memorable experiences for the people that she photographs.

Debra, who in 2011 earned a Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media from The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, says that her education allowed her to make a career change and provided the resources current in her chosen field. She recommends that students stay focused, even when schoolwork seems overwhelming. “Find creative ways to address your challenges, seek wise counsel, and create an anchor to remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. These practices will serve you well when the going gets even tougher.”

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