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Joelle Jonak

Culinary Management

Culinary Administration, Legends Hospitality
The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Joelle Jonak

Spending time with the faculty and asking questions when I was unsure about what was being discussed definitely helped get me to where I am. Joelle Jonak , Culinary Administration, Legends Hospitality Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management, 2016 , The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Oversees Employee Support, Payroll, Recruiting, and Assists Sous Chefs

Joelle Jonak works in culinary administration for Legends Hospitality. She’s responsible for employee support, time processing for payroll, scheduling, labor tracking, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, inventory data entry, uniform tracking/inventory, and overall assisting all of the sous chefs. Prior to her current position, she built her scheduling and inventory experience by working at The Art Institute of California—Sacramento’s campus store.

Her workday includes processing the previous day’s payroll and reviewing the labor tracker—a report that shows how much labor is being used versus what was estimated. Joelle says that she’s worked hard to overcome the challenges of opening a brand-new facility—while she was still new on the job. “Since opening, enforcing specific policies and procedures has been an ongoing challenge that has been improving day in and day out.” She adds that the culinary industry is very busy and demanding, and that current students need to commit to being available and present in their jobs.

Joelle makes a point of sticking to the budget while successfully running her events. “I feel like I have a positive impact not only on our staff, but the rest of the management team, helping to keep the ball rolling.” She’s earned both the “Rookie of the Month” and “Supervisor of the Month” awards at her job.

Joelle, who in 2016 earned a Bachelor Science in Culinary Management from The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, says that the school’s faculty helped her to stay focused and grow as a culinary professional. She even worked as an on-campus tutor, giving her the confidence she needed to pursue her culinary goals.

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