Alumni Stories

Tirzah Johnson

Web Design & Interactive Media

User Experience Designer and Developer at
The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Tirzah Johnson

[My education] allowed me to gain confidence with my skills, especially when it comes to dealing with critiques. Tirzah Johnson , User Experience Designer and Developer at Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media, 2014 , The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, a campus of Argosy University

Tirzah Johnson is a user experience designer and developer at She creates a user-friendly experience in an enterprise-level software-as-a-service e-commerce environment. Her responsibilities include analytic tracking, web development, landing page creation, third-party integrations, enhancements, bug fixes, and collateral marketing material creation. “I start my day by checking my email and adding any incoming requests to my project management system. My work consists of me identifying and executing enhancements to our e-commerce site experience, to bring customers closer to our brand, products, and mission.”

Prior to working for, she worked as a technology director for Digital Gear, Inc. and as a web and graphic designer for The Art Institute of California—Sacramento. She encourages students to stay focused and “go with what you know first.” Tirzah says that if you’re trying to build out functionality, create a list of what is supposed to happen first. Then figure out which part of the system you can create with your current knowledge and identify the parts where you may have to ask for assistance.”

She says that she’s often surprised at how much she already knows—once she’s completed the steps of planning out a project. Tirzah adds that this gives her a sense of control when she’s tackling new technologies. It has also helped to motivate her during a difficult situation. “I fell into a place in my career where I wanted to build better processes, but I was surrounded by people who had lost their momentum. I took it upon myself to stop being upset about it and network with new people who had a passion for their work—like me.”

Tirzah mentions that a website can change the ways that people perceive a company or brand—and that a passionate employee can make the difference between a good and a great end product. “[This field] requires you to constantly learn and evolve with technology and there is high level of self-discipline that coincides with that.” While she’s still new to her company, she’s working to simplify processes and has suggested new technologies to her team. “They now are using task management that allows us to brainstorm new ideas together in a way where each person can take an equal part in the discussion.”

Tirzah, who in 2014 earned a Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media from The Art Institute of California—Sacramento, says that her education helped her to gain confidence in her skills and to deal with critiques. She adds that she learned not to be too attached to her work—allowing her to always think of better solutions. Today, she is excited to be in a successful career where she’s often receiving inquires on LinkedIn. “I am constantly being offered positions because of how well rounded my skill-set is, so I think that is pretty awesome.”

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