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Culinary Arts

Baking & Pastry Associate of Science

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Program Overview

This Art Institute program is no longer accepting new students. Currently enrolled students can find out more about this program below.

Baking & Pastry

Program Description

Associate of Science: 90 credits; 21 months if 16 credits per quarter

The Baking & Pastry Associate of Science degree program offers a student the opportunity to study in a very specialized profession.

The first quarter is devoted to basic culinary skills development that evolves to basic pastry and dessert foundations. The program continues to the finer arts and skills of making Artisan breads and baked goods, and European cakes and tortes. In subsequent quarters, the student will complete courses in advanced patisserie and display cakes.

The student is exposed to four basic management functions of sanitation and safety, purchasing and product identification, management by menu, and planning and cost control. The program also includes advanced courses in portfolio presentation and internships.

Graduates of the program are prepared for entry-level jobs within their field, to include but not limited to assistant baker, assistant pastry chef, baker, pastry cook, and cake decorator.
Baking & Pastry

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