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Game Design

Game Art & Design Bachelor of Science

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Program Overview

This Art Institute program is no longer accepting new students. Currently enrolled students can find out more about this program below.

Game Art & Design

Program Description

Bachelor of Science: 180 credits; 36 months if 16 credits per quarter

The process of designing and producing computer video games and other types of interactive multimedia involves a variety of people utilizing specialized skills. Some of these skills are conceptual: designing game concepts and interactions or creating stories. Some of these skills are artistic: creating 3D models, 3D animation, and texturing mapping for 3D using industry-related software, and photo manipulation and original creation of 2D art for backgrounds and characters using image editing and painting software. Some of these skills are managerial: determining budgets and schedules for project completion and assembling the right group of designers who may be specialists in one or two aspects of the total design process, but their value as participants in that process is enhanced by a comprehensive knowledge of the entire operation.

In pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Game Art & Design, students are first introduced to hands on skills through a rich variety of fundamental art courses. They then have the opportunity to learn to use 2D and 3D design tools to create characters, backgrounds, animations and textures used in producing computer video games and multimedia. In addition, they acquire a level of knowledge in programming and scripting to be able to intelligently converse with programmers.

Graduates of the Game Art & Design program are prepared for entry-level jobs such as game designer, level designer, texture artist, cinematic artist, 2D artist, or 3D artist.
Game Art & Design

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