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Welcome to The Art Institute of San Antonio

When you visit our campus, you can feel our fresh, innovative spirit as you talk to our faculty, staff, and students. Nestled on the edge of the Texas Hill country, Ai San Antonio is a branch campus of The Art Institute of Houston, with whom we share an industry-driven curriculum. The Art Institute of Houston has supported students pursuing their creative goals for over 40 years and, like Ai San Antonio, boasts alumni throughout the country. When you walk the halls you see a wide range of students—some fresh from high school, others who’ve had prior careers or served in the military. This diversity has a positive influence on the campus community, as we encourage collaboration to develop necessary industry skills and drive the innovative process within a field of study.

Our faculty and staff are passionate about helping students reach their goals. Each course is only 11 weeks in duration, so the pace is fast, the expectations high, and the workload outside of class significant. Observing a student grow and ultimately present their final body of work in the quarterly Portfolio Show or Culinary Showcase is very rewarding for faculty and staff. This connection to the campus doesn’t end when our students become alumni. Faculty stay in touch with former students and watch them grow as professionals.

Outside the classroom, there’s no shortage of student activities. We offer active clubs for each field of study—it’s not unusual to see a Culinary Arts student involved in a club for Animation students. Our campus is involved in the San Antonio community through the charitable contributions of student-run clubs and employees. There are 40-50 quarterly events to participate in, and many are structured around our unique house system. While we don’t have fraternities and sororities, each new student becomes a member of a house when they arrive. As one former student described our house system, “It’s like Harry Potter for creative individuals, but without the magic.” Students, faculty, and staff are placed into one of four houses named after four creative icons: DaVinci, Einstein, Mozart, and Shakespeare. The fact that faculty and staff are members as well adds a connection beyond program affiliation and campus role.

In 2010, The Art Institute of San Antonio community was small and well- connected. It’s in our campus DNA to keep that close connection to students through small class sizes, robust enrichment activities, and a diverse support system. I hope the next time you’re in San Antonio you stop by for a campus tour to see the quality of work and meet people dedicated to success.