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By: Rachel Handel

May 21, 2021

What is Ai LIVE? It’s an opportunity for students and community members of The Art Institutes to participate in online panels, watch instructional videos, and hear from industry professionals—including Dr. Mathew Knowles, Johnathan Hayden, CNN’s Nick Valencia, and Food Network competitor Chef Q Matise—who are real-world experts in their fields.

Ai LIVE featured guests

Ai LIVE expands upon the education you’re already receiving by bringing a library of shows to you—available to watch at any time.

Consider it a mix of communication, entertainment, and instruction. Our interview series includes talks with high profile guests, celebrities, field experts, alumni, and faculty—from fashion stylist Neil Cohen to Netflix character designer Joshua Leonard.

Want real world insight from celebrity photographer John Russo? Or industry stories of working on Marvel movies, as told by senior VFX supervisor Chris LeDoux? Through Ai LIVE, professionals share advice about their paths to success—and specifically address how students like you can navigate the industry after graduation.

Ai LIVE also hosts orientations, PSAs, instructional items, and program-specific Town Halls. If you’re beginning to see a pattern here—it’s because everything we do is connected. And everything we do is to support you as you move through your education.

Browse our online interviews to get a true picture of what it’s like to work in the areas of Visual Design, Interior Design, Marketing, Animation & Effects, Film & Production, Gaming & Technology, Fashion, and Culinary. And be sure to share the videos with friends who are also interested in creative careers.

We look forward to sharing Ai LIVE with you!

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By: Rachel Handel

May 21, 2021