A Celebration of Flamenco Art

By: Brenden Mesch

February 28, 2018

On Thursday, March 15, as part of Contemporary Art Month, The Art Institute of San Antonio, a branch of The Art Institute of Houston, will feature a gallery exhibit highlighting flamenco art.

The exhibit will feature the work of Art Institute animation faculty member Saul Sandoval, the designs of renowned Flamenco dress designer Lisa Perello, and live dance from the legendary group Los Flamencos de San Antonio Con Chayito Champion. This event is open to the public and there is no cost to attend.

Saul Sandoval grew up in San Antonio where he was influenced heavily by the marriage of music, movement and dance that is Flamenco. He is best known for his ability to capture movement in his designs and work, a skill honed over years of traditional and digital drawing. Sandoval is a four-year veteran of The Art Institute, teaching courses ranging from life drawing and gesture to 2D Animation. His collection of Flamenco art can be seen at and live at The Art Institute of San Antonio.

Fuego de Espana

Lisa Perello ( is a master seamstress and designer of Flamenco costumes. Her work has been showcased worldwide and each piece is unique. Flamenco designs feature textures, depth and most of all movement when worn by a dancer.  Lisa will be showcasing her work as part of the gallery showing and will be on hand to discuss the process of design/construction.

Lisa 1Lisa 2

Chayito Champion is a legend in the Flamenco Dance community and was born into the family of Flamenco artists, Teresa and Curro Champion, pioneers of Flamenco in Texas. Chayito began singing at a very early age, carrying the legacy of her family all over the world. Chayito is a sought-after performer who captivates her audiences with her heartfelt and passionate performances. She has toured the world with such artist as the late Jose Greco, Antonio Vargas, Teo Morco, Pilar Riojas and Carlota Santana Flamenco Vivo to name a few. Chayito has received many awards for her cante Flamenco and is a Tricential 300 grant awarded recipients for her project "Camino Real de Las Misiones." Chayito is the CEO for Flamenco Arts Society of San Antonio "FASSA" and she will be performing with the Los Flamencos de San Antonio dance troupe as part of the evening events.

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