Prepping for College: Making the most of the next few months

By: Rachel Handel

April 28, 2022

It’s almost here—your high school graduation! As you look forward to the next steps in your creative future, The Art Institutes is excited to be part of your adventure. We’re thrilled to welcome you to our creative community of students, instructors, and alums. To help you stay focused (and maybe take a little stress out of the process), we’ve put together a to-do list that will help you to plan out the next few months.

Creative woman holding sketchbooks and pencils

Enjoy the rest of your senior year. This is a top priority! You’ve worked for 12 years to build friendships, find your path, and earn your diploma. Maybe you’ve participated in sports or extracurriculars that have helped to shape the person you’ve become. Enjoy all of this and take it in. You’ve earned it!

Keep your grades up. It’s easy to get into the mindset that high school academics don’t matter as much, now that you’re ramping up for college. But they do—they keep you grounded in learning and challenging yourself. Keep pushing your creativity in art classes. Don’t give up on the science lab. Every experience helps you to grow into a more well-rounded student.

Check in with your high school academic advisor. Your advisor helped you to learn about college options—and maybe assisted you in prepping your application. He or she also has information on scholarships and grants that can make college more affordable. [Check out these opportunities at The Art Institutes, too!] Sometimes new scholarships come in from local organizations later in the year—check in to be sure you’re not missing out.

Start thinking about college housing. Where will you live while you’re attending college? If you plan to live with a roommate or find an apartment, now’s the time to start your search. If your college is in a different city, it’s time to schedule a road trip to get a feel for where you’ll want to be. You can also talk to the school’s admissions staff about places they recommend for students to live. Pick a location that’s close to your school—that way it will be easy to get there!

Keep a list of questions and stay in touch with your college admissions counselor. Even after you’ve been accepted, you’ll have questions. Ask them! It’s understandable that you’ll think of a question at 2 am – write it down. Being prepared is one of the best paths to success. At The Art Institutes, we’re here to answer your questions and put you at ease about your education.

Get a list of what you’ll need as a student. The Art Institutes is proud to utilize industry-relevant technology in its classrooms, labs, and professional kitchens. But there may be more you’ll need to have your best experience as a student. Talk to your admissions representative in advance to be sure you’re ready for the first day of college.

Take some time for you this summer. You have so much to look forward to. Remember that taking care of you is important, too! Schedule some downtime every day to let your brain rest and refresh.

We can’t wait to see you progress as a student, artist, and creative individual. Welcome to The Art Institutes’ community.

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By: Rachel Handel

April 28, 2022