Glendon N. Ball

Glendon N. Ball

"I believe in sharing my professional experiences with my students." Glendon N. Ball , Adjunct Faculty , The Art Institute of San Antonio, a branch of The Art Institute of Houston

What would you say is the defining moment in your life when you knew you were destined to become a creative professional?


When I was in high school I took a drafting course then 2 years of architecture. I enrolled in the architecture program at San Antonio College after graduation. That first semester I knew I wanted to pursue architecture design as a career.


How do you weave your professional background into the classroom experience to provide an industry veteran's sense of the realities / challenges / opportunities of the profession?


I believe in sharing my professional experiences with my students. At times it may be how someone taught me something or details about a given project I worked on. Many times I relate the assignment I have given them to a project I have be involved with. 


Is there a class assignment that exemplifies your approach to teaching and mentoring? Similarly, how does your approach inspire each student to push themselves beyond their own perceived limits?

I most enjoy teaching the hand drafting courses. It is a skill that provided me with a source of income for many years. I have a passion for this skill set and attempt to encourage my students to be as proficient in hand drafting as possible. It is as much an art as anything else and provides a very human quality to one’s work. I become very involved with showing students how to create documents and embellish their work in other courses.


What role does collaboration contribute to students' success, especially when students from other programs contribute to the same project?


I believe student collaboration is very important to the overall school and design experience. When students from various programs come together to produce a project, it provides a real world experience

In your opinion, what is the single most important thing you impart to your students to help them succeed in your class and in the real world? Alternatively, what is the most critical advice you would offer any student as he / she embarks on a creative career?

When students are in my courses I encourage them to learn as much from me as they can during that quarter or for that matter any instructor. I tell them that I am not looking for each of them to reach a given level, but, to get to a higher level at the end of a quarter compared to where they began.


Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you, your experience, or your role as a faculty member at The Art Institutes?


I practiced architecture for 14 years before entering public education where I taught drafting, architectural design, and history. For over 26 years I served as a teacher and district administrator for public schools. I earned Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in architectural design and my masters of architecture in historic preservation from UTSA.   My architectural specialization is detention design, that’s right I designed jails for some time. I have passion to work with my hands and enjoy wood working, scrimshaw, and Native American bead work. I have to adult children and been married 40 years to my lovely bride Veronica.