Frederick Brown

Fredrick Brown Student Artwork 1

What was the inspiration for your artwork?

This is for my Advance Material and Lighting class. This is my elective class for Game Art & Design. The assignment was to sculpt a model with micro details. So what I did for this assignment was model one of my characters I’ve created on the side. If you look closely, you'll see the detail within the fur. Also you could see the fabric in his shirt and what not. 

How did you create these pieces?

You’re seeing a 3D sculpt of a mouse. The pipeline of creating this character is rather simple. First I draw a concept for the character. After doing a turnaround sheet of him, I start modeling him in a 3D software, Zbrush. Zbrush is a virtual way of sculpting, but in 3D. First, I model the base (a naked model) with no details. Then add the clothes and do basic details. After that, I model the micro details. Finally, paint my finished model.