John Vigil


What was your inspiration for these pieces and how did you go about creating them?

Package Design Pieces: This was just practice on package design, which I absolutely love doing. I got this idea when I was washing my hands one day and thought about what I was actually washing, which are germs. Then I thought to myself, "What if there was a product that washed something else? Like an attribute or a feeling or a person?"

T-Shirt Design: This was for a design competition hosted by the school itself. I used Adobe Illustrator so I could pick my font family more selectively. I brainstormed on how the design should look and thought about all the cups of coffee students need to survive their programs. I tied this into the periodic table and organized information to emulate that on the shirts.

Brain Poster: This was for a class with Mr. Schneider called Graphic Symbolism. One of our projects was to create an organized info-graphic poster. I decided to study the brain because of the complexity. Information organization on this poster allows someone to get a quick understanding and also dig deeper to find out more details on the different regions of the brain. I used colors and font sizes to help organize the information.

I have most of my pieces from school (and before I started) on my Instagram site: