Tasha Knox

Tasha Knox

More of my artwork can be found on my Instagram page @tashak_art Tasha Knox Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation, , The Art Institute of San Antonio, a branch of The Art Institute of Houston

What was the inspiration for your artwork? 

The process that I used to create these different art works changes, of course, with each picture. However, I usually started with determining where I wanted my object to sit and what I wanted it to symbolize. I then proceeded in creating two contrasting light sources in order to get the most effect and well established shadows. Then I made sure to use supporting lines, guiding the viewer’s eyes to the main point of the artwork.

Please explain what we are seeing in your pieces and how you went about creating them.

The Throne Room, Interior and Exterior of Water Temple, and the Desert Ruins were all for my Background and Design Layout class. Each one of those paintings were influenced mostly by the Zelda series and Shadow of the Colossus game. The Female sketch was created as a quick practice, working on both my figure drawing for Saul’s Sandoval's Life Gesture & Drawing class as well as to better my understanding on light reflecting on a person’s skin. The paintings involving the dancing girl and the man’s bust were commissions from people who had seen my other artworks and liked my style. All of these artworks were created using Adobe Photoshop.