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Danielle Heredia

Danielle Heredia HS

As a designer, there is NO greater feeling than seeing your own work outside of your career environment. Danielle Heredia , Graphic Designer - Spfm, Lp. 2015 , The Art Institute of San Antonio, a branch of The Art Institute of Houston

Graphic Designer, Combines Technical Knowledge with Interior Design and Engineering

Danielle Heredia is a graphic designer for Spfm. Lp. in San Antonio, Texas. She assists the lead designer in creating and revising graphic designs. Danielle transferred into The Art Institute of San Antonio from Texas State University. “The program is what pulled me—Design & Technical Graphics was a new degree there. It is a graphic design degree [that incorporates] technical background knowledge such as conceptual product design, interior design, and engineering,” she says.

Danielle admits that the coursework was tough, but is thankful that she stuck with it. Now that she’s working in the field, she says that she’s constantly learning on the job. “I had to adjust to managing multiple projects for multiple companies. To some this may not be a very big obstacle, but for a freshly graduated graphic designer starting her professional career, I wanted to get this down right.”

Her passion for her job and pride in her workplace motivate Danielle. “If you don’t look forward to working with your clients and your company, what’s the point? You should be proud of your work.” She adds that she feels gratified when a client understands why she’s chosen a particular layout. “My job is not only to appeal to the company graphically but to communicate a message successfully through graphics.”

Danielle, who in 2015 earned a Bachelor of Science in Design & Technical Graphics from The Art Institute of San Antonio, says that her education provided a well-rounded view of the design field. “This degree broadened my field of knowledge.”