Alumni Stories

Enrique Morales

Graphic & Web Design

Graphic Designer at KUSI News
The Art Institute of California—San Diego, a campus of Argosy University


Graphic Designer at KUSI News

Enrique Morales is a graphic designer at KUSI News, responsible for on-air graphics and texts including some motion graphics. Each day begins with reviewing the script for the upcoming news show, then creating requested graphics for stories within the show. “I can typically be responsible for anywhere between one and 30 graphics per show,” he says. Enrique is a United States Marine Corps veteran who also served in the California Army National Guard.

He says that becoming successful in the design field can be a rough road. It took him two years to find his first art-related job. The job did not work out and he spent another eight months looking for a position before starting with KUSI News. “It may be entry level, but it’s the first time I actually enjoy going to work and I am gaining tons of experience for future career advancement.” He’s also taken on several side projects from co-workers and designed products and logos to keep his mind creative and active.

The struggles that he experienced while looking for a job meant also changes within his home. While Enrique looked for a job, he stayed home and cared for three very young children. His wife worked full time. “It was tough not being able to provide the basics, but in not giving up I was finally able to start working again. I learned that when you hit rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. As long as you can eat and have a place to sleep, everything else will fall into place with faith and hard work.”

He recommends that new employees make themselves available to opportunities that challenge them and provide career growth. He adds that he enjoys adding a bit of personal flair to the “generic” news designs he creates. “I know it is appreciated because I constantly get compliments from the news crew.”

Enrique, who in 2012 earned a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of California—San Diego, says that his education provided the tools he needed to gain an understanding of industry-standard software. “I also learned the proper techniques for creating new designs.”

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