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Media Arts & Animation
Master of Fine Arts
Published June 1, 2016
This program can be completed on ground, blended (plus) or online.

Student Learning Outcomes

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Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply theoretical underpinnings of art history, critical thinking and storytelling to the traditional and emerging forms of computer animation.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with the tools and techniques of animation, and derive effective technical solutions that meet professional standards.
  • Demonstrate experimentation and originality with the tools and techniques of animation, and present advanced conceptual and practical solutions.
  • Demonstrate professionalism through the creation and presentation of a thesis project according to current industry standards.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conceptualize, plan, execute, and deliver quality animation projects.

Program Courses


CA500 Advanced Computer Animation
CA505 Advanced Computer Animation Studio
CA510 Animation Studies
CA515 Facial Animation Studies
CA520 Advanced Exploration of Applied Design in Animation
CA530 Graduate Interactive Design
CA536 Production Techniques in Computer Animation
CA540 Innovative & Essential Studio
CA545 Innovative & Essential Studio in Animation
CA550 Historical Exploration of Animation Techniques
CA560 Graduate Animation Production
CA565 Graduate Animation Production Studio
CA570 Advanced Expressive Figure Drawing Studio I
CA575 Master’s Class Research Seminar
CA580 History of 20th Century (Modern) Art and Design
CA590 Master Thesis I
CA600 Advanced Expressive Figure Drawing Studio II
CA610 Animation Technical Direction I
CA620 Master Thesis II
CA630 Experimental Inquiry
CA640 Animation Technical Direction II
CA650 Thesis Defense
CA660 Master’s Colloquia
CA670 Final Cut, Animation Art Direction


Program Electives

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Note: The Art Institute of California—San Francisco(a campus of Argosy University) reserves the right to alter the sequencing of classes. Some courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should consult their Academic Advisors and/or Department Chair when creating their course schedules to ensure they are following the recommended sequence. Students must meet all co/prerequisites for courses.