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Jason Kozlik

Jason Kozlik

[My education] provided the tools and know-how to compete in the field. Jason Kozlik , Lead Art Director, Visa Bachelor of Science in Advertising, 2014 , The Art Institute of California—San Francisco, a campus of Argosy University
Leads a Team of Creatives for Visa’s Social Media and Broadcast Campaigns

Jason Kozlik is a lead art director for Visa, responsible for leading a team of creatives and creating social media and broadcast campaigns for the company’s products. Prior to joining Visa, Jason worked for Yahoo!. He says that a typical day includes brainstorming, creating—and coffee.

Jason worked hard to get to his current position, and describes a time when he felt “stuck” in a lower position and wanted to move up. He went to his former manager to talk about his desire to do more—but afterward didn’t feel that he could achieve his goals at that company. “So, I looked for other jobs, put myself back out there, and found a company that aligned with what I wanted to do. It took me a while to actually land it, however it was worth the wait.”

Today, he works to instill a creative environment by being outgoing and showcasing his creative side. “The creative culture at an agency is a lot more relaxed. Outfits are more comfortable and there is usually color on the walls. Switching to the client side is quite the opposite. Outfits are buttoned-up and it has a sterile feeling. My impact is (respectfully) being more outgoing and giving that creative environment with my attitude. Others usually follow.”

Jason says he felt the benefits of his hard work when he was on a video shoot and discussed his creative vision for a commercial with Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown, who was acting in the spot. “I told him my vision and [he did it]. All my hard work up to that moment seemed to have paid off and it makes me want to work harder.”

Jason who in 2014 earned a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from The Art Institute of California—San Francisco, says that his education provided the tools and know-how to compete in the field. “[In this profession], you need to give it your all. There is always someone better, more creative than you are. It is your attitude and your ability to roll with the punches that will make you better than they are.”

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