Endeavor: A Student Showcase for ILIS Students by ILIS Students

April 24, 2018

Endeavor Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg

[Nate Steder, BFA in Web Design & Interactive Media presents a physical copy of Endeavor. Photo Credit: JaNae Contag, Faculty in Photography]

The Illinois Institute of Art—Schaumburg’s Art Direction class, a course lead by instructor Dan Hanners, Associate Professor in Graphic Design, had several goals. We wanted to put together a Publication and a Gallery Show exhibiting the students at the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg’s creative prowess, all while promoting cross departmental team collaboration.

Let's first set the scene: Endeavor was conceived in a team branding class. But it didn't feel like an ordinary class. In a normal team class the initial reaction of a student has potential to be built of negative thoughts such as: “Insert Negative Thoughts Here.” However, somehow the idea of tackling a task of this size and magnitude was inviting, a challenge we gladly accepted. We broke off into five groups, Advertising & Promotions, Location, Submissions, and Publishing. 

We had 10 Weeks... That’s 70 days or 1680 hours or 100800 minutes. Any way you look at it that’s not a lot of time. Each team had an Art Director and we as a class nominated and elected a Creative Director. 

Endeavor Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg

Advertising & Promotions
Advertising had to come up with a day-by-day script of sorts, trying to break up the team and cover all our bases. They developed a website and worked with Submissions Team to make sure the form used would make for a cohesive transfer of information. They covered social media by selecting a Social Media Manager. That individual worked closely with the the rest of the team collaborating to create advertisements for the event both digital and print. 
Submissions was responsible for figuring out how they wanted to receive submissions entries. They worked side-by-side with advertising to make sure the content on the website matched up cohesively with what  the Submissions Team needed. They had to make sure the submissions that had been submitted were done so properly having to audit the forms, and transfer the work to a centralized location in an organized fashion for Publications to use at a later time. They were responsible with following up with anyone who needed assistance submitting or had an error within a form or if a piece was entered incorrectly. 

Endeavor Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg


The Locations Team had the task of securing a venue for the event, a public opening reception. They worked closely with all of the groups so they would match the aesthetic experience would follow through on the brand communications of endeavor in every aspect, from how they displayed the works to how they decorated the event, and all the other aspects of setup. They also worked with a local restaurant to cater the event. Additionally, they had the responsibility of uninstalling the exhibit.    

The Publications Team was in charge of organizing and filtering the artwork that was submitted for entry into the book. They engineered the design for the book. 

“Together we created the unique layout and look of the book; an expression of what we as a whole found to be the best way to showcase the artwork our student body shared with us.” – Ben Diaz, BFA in Graphic Design and Creative Director and Publications member. Overall, the book was a reflection of the groups efforts as a whole. The book also needed to be self-published and costs managed as to make the book obtainable in price for students on a college budget. 

Endeavor Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg

This is How We Feel 

“For the class as a whole it was very interesting to see how much planning and set-up goes into creating an event, because you never really know what is all necessary for an event like this until you do it yourself, and seeing all of it come together at the end was amazing.” – Tyler Clark, BFA in Graphic Design, Advertising & Promotions member.

“I feel that overall our (Endeavor) team not only preformed to what was expected of a student class, but exceeded to the level of professionalism. We took charge and responsibility and accountability of our tasks and ended the quarter with pride in ourselves. This is definitely a class every student should experience!” – Ben Diaz, Creative Director and Publications Member.

“This class raises the bar when it comes to teams courses. It stretches the idea that time limits what you can do. It made us all realize that working with others is how great ideas are formed.”– Alyssa Parlier, BFA in Web Design & Interactive Media and Art Director and Advertising & Publications Member.

“It was a fun experience to see what it takes to put something like this together, and being able to watch the progress go from nothing to the show we ended up with was great.” – Travis Rauch, BFA in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Submissions Member. 

“This class was a great way to experience a team working environment, and proved that not just one singular person can make an event like Endeavor happen as successfully as it did. Every person involved was a key part in the success of the event” – Polly Gentry, BFA in Graphic Design, Locations Member.

“While the competencies of this course state the objective is to create a brand experience, establishing the structure within this framework to be in line with a functioning studio allows for teamwork, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and an array of experiences that extends beyond a typical classroom experience. Students achieve practical understanding of developing possibilities within restraints, what is affected when you do not meet deadlines, working with brand guidelines and legal approvals and many other practical working and life lessons. Did I say they started with $0 and made this happen!?” – Dan Hanners, Associate Professor in Graphic Design

Endeavor Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg

[Nate Steder, BFA in Web Design & Interactive Media, shows off one of his favorite spreads from Endeavor. Photo Credit: JaNae Contag, Faculty in Photography]

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