Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

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Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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1. Communication: Graduates demonstrate elements of effectively telling a story to an audience; apply principles of visual communication to their work; have oral and written presentation skills appropriate to working with employers, colleagues, and clients.

2. Collaboration: Graduates demonstrate the ability to work on team-based projects.

3. Design Skills - Graduates demonstrate the ability to use traditional design skills in the production of digital art projects.

4. Technical: Graduates demonstrate an applied technical knowledge of compositing, effects, animation tools and software according to current industry standards.

5. Visual Effects: Graduates apply visual effects and motion graphics skills to meet the needs of corporate communication, television, motion picture, video production, and other media outlets.

6. Planning and Problem Solving: Graduates demonstrate the ability to conceptualize, plan, execute, and deliver quality visual effects and motion graphics projects.

7. Audio: Graduates produce and assemble necessary audio elements, including voice, sound effects and music and apply them effectively to motion graphic and visual projects.

8. Professionalism: Graduates demonstrate professionalism through the creation and presentation of a demo-reel and self-promotion package, according to current industry standards.

Program Courses

Core Courses
DFV101 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
DFV120 Fundamentals of Audio
DFV225 Fundamentals of Editing
DFV230 Fundamentals of Lighting
DFV300 Directing & Pre-Production
DFV305 Media Compositing
DFV320 Production Audio
VFX110 Digital Typography
VFX210 Advanced Image Manipulation
VFX250 Fundamentals of Motion Graphics
VFX307 Visual Effects
VFX333 Visual Effects Career Development
VFX350 Motion Graphics
VFX403 Portfolio I
VFX407 Advanced Visual Effects
VFX410 Advanced Motion Graphics
VFX415 Portfolio II
VFX420 Art Direction
VFX440 Studio Production
Program Elective

Supporting Courses
ART100 Design Fundamentals
ART102 Observational Drawing
ART110 Color Theory
ART111 Life Drawing
DPH242 Image Manipulation
MAA217 3D Modeling
MAA221 Storyboarding
MAA227 Materials & Lighting
MAA228 3D Animation
MAA336 3D Visual Effects & Compositing
MAA337 Hard Surface & Organic Modeling

General Education Courses
GEN101 English I
GEN102 English II
GEN105 Effective Speaking
GEN150 Mathematical Concepts and Connections
Fine Arts - GEN205-GEN212

Program Electives

Humanities & Fine Arts 200-Level Elective
Humanities & Fine Arts 300-Level Elective
Mathematics Elective
Life Science 200-Level Elective
Physical & Life Science 200-Level Elective
Physical & Life Science 300-Level Elective
Social Science 200-Level Elective
Social Science 300-Level Elective
GEN399 General Education Capstone


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