Chance Paluga

Chance Paluga

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
The Illinois Institute of Art — Schaumburg

Chance Paluga

I have always loved ancient artwork. Chance Paluga Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, , The Illinois Institute of Art — Schaumburg
What was the inspiration for your work?

For this piece, I originally was asked to create a countdown from 5-1 for a class assignment. I have always loved ancient artwork, specifically Asian and Greek, and wanted to go with a nice organic feel for the project. The artwork of Ancient Asia fell perfectly in line with what I had in mind. 

What we are seeing in your video? Would you describe your process in making it?

For this project, I only used a couple of applications. I was heavily involved in Photoshop, doing things like cutting out specific parts of images, stitching together separate images, painting on textures, designing the layouts of each slide, color grading individual slides, etc. I made sure that any part of the image that would have been a drastically different distance from the camera was separated out and able to be manipulated separately. 

Once I had all of my slides how I wanted—separated out and organized—I transferred them directly over to After Effects. In there I went about turning all of the separate layers from a slide I created in Photoshop into 3D objects and separated them in Z-space. Once they were separated out, I created a camera and physically moved it through the layers on in the slides, adjusting the depth of field and focus plane along the way. This created that rack focus effect, and the realistic depth perception. I animated each slide separately in their own composition then transferred them to a main composition and blended them together. I rendered using Media Encoder using Quicktime – Apple Pro Res 4444.

After the animations were finalized, I collaborated with Omar Abonce, BS in Audio Production, to create the soundtrack for the piece. He mainly took complete control on the audio aspect of things. I helped where I could, collecting foley sound effects, sitting down in the studio and giving critiques and suggestions, but he had it covered. He used ProTools to mix everything, he created his own sound effects, and recorded portions of the track using his personal equipment.

How can people find out more about you and your work?

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Twitter – @chancepaluga1
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