RJ Infusino

RJ Infusino

Audio Production
The Illinois Institute of Art — Schaumburg

RJ Infusino

My inspiration for most of my sound design work typically comes from the visual itself. RJ Infusino Bachelor of Science in Audio Production, , The Illinois Institute of Art — Schaumburg

What was the inspiration for your work?

My inspiration for most of my sound design work typically comes from the visual itself, but in the Tron Logo animation I really wanted the music to be a lot like how it is in the latest Tron film, as well as a lot like the electronic music they used to play on Toonami—the 4-hour block of action and animé shows they have on Cartoon Network.

For Oasis, I really wanted to get a dark island vibe, as if we were entering a suspenseful scene. I’d say that old action-based PlayStation 1 and 2 games really inspired me to make it this dark tone.

Cyber Panther, of which I actually star in as the character, was actually a green screen project for Andrew Gubernick, a BFA in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production student that I am close friends with. He needed someone to dress up and act for him in front of a green screen and I told him I’d do it, but only if I could do sound design for it and submit it to ARTimation, our Digital Arts Festival. For this one’s sound design, I got most of my inspiration from the animated show Code Lyoko

What are we seeing in your work? Can you talk about your process?

In the Tron video, you are only listening to synthesizer plugin instruments that I use on Logic Pro X. One of those plugins, being the most notable, is actually the Korg Legacy plugin which helped me create the bikes sound. 

In Oasis, I got a little more complex. I had to use some stock animal noises I had from my Avid Media Composer Software to build the scene up but I sampled them, so they wouldn’t sound too out of place. I also used the Arturia Instrument suite to create the rushing waves sounds, and in Logic all the instruments in this suite just add a whole bunch of options that you can do to music and video. 

In Cyber Panther, I use mostly instruments that are native to Logic Pro X but I also used the Arturia instrument suite as well to create tundra wind noise. I also used the Hybrid synth instrument by AIR Music Technologies to make the graphic effect sound where the character gets distorted. 

How can people find out more about you and your work?

Soon I will have a website up, but for now most people can just go on my Vimeo page at vimeo.com/rjsound.

Additional Credits:

Compositing and Visual Effects for Cyber Panther: Andrew Gubernick, BFA in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

Animation for Tron: Jade Billen, BFA in Media Arts & Animation

Animation and Image Sequence for Oasis: Ian Eklof, BFA in Game Art & Design, 2017

Portrait Photography Credit: Andrea Al-Karawi, BFA in Photography