Sierra Tuazon

Sierra Tuazon

Illustration , 2017
The Illinois Institute of Art — Schaumburg

Sierra Tuazon

I’m really fascinated by the way the water moves and blends in watercolors. Sierra Tuazon Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration & Design, 2017 , The Illinois Institute of Art — Schaumburg

What was the inspiration for your work?

A lot of my inspiration comes from traditional mediums. I’m really fascinated by the way the water moves and blends in watercolors, the way pencils almost never perfectly cover the paper, and I really try to capture that beauty in my work. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from an instructor while at The Illinois Institute of Art—Schaumburg (shoutout to Dan Streeting!) is that when you get an assignment that you don’t like or that you’re afraid of, make it something you would enjoy working on.

For instance—the wedding invitation suite was for my Portfolio II class, and it was really intimidating because I’d never done wedding invitations as a calligrapher before. So, I decided to have fun with it and make the invitations for the notorious Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding. I wanted to test and see if anyone ever paid any attention to what was being written on the cards instead of just how pretty it looked. 

What we are seeing in your works and can you describe your process in creating them?

A vast majority of my work is using Illustrator, or a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. I like to have a vector artwork when I can, as it gives you the freedom to resize your artwork in case your client wants the art you designed on their business card to end up on a billboard. Photoshop is great for doing something that is going to stay one size, and it gives you the flexibility to give painterly strokes and effects, but without the hassle of spilling paint and staining your workspace! 

How can we find out more about you and your work?

They can check out my website/portfolio/blog at I also post on Instagram under @sierratuazon and I have a Facebook page for my art cleverly titled The Art of Sierra Tuazon!