Institutional Accreditation

The Art Institutue of Seattle is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Accreditation of an institution of higher education by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities indicates that it meets or exceeds criteria for the assessment of institutional quality evaluated through a peer review process. An accredited college or university is one which has available the necessary resources to achieve its stated purposes through appropriate educational programs, is substantially doing so, and gives reasonable evidence that it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Institutional integrity is also addressed through accreditation. Accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities is not partial but applies to the institution as a whole. As such, it is not a guarantee of every course or program offered, or the competence of individual graduates. Rather, it provides reasonable assurance about the quality of opportunities available to students who attend the institution. Inquiries regarding an institution’s accredited status by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities should be directed to the administrative staff of the institution. Individuals may also contact:

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
8060 165th Avenue N.E., Suite 100
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 558-4224
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities’ (NWCCU) institutional accreditation of The Art Institute of Seattle (AIS) is currently under review as part of the pending change of ownership and control of AIS from Education Management Corporation (EDMC) to the Dream Center Foundation.

Programmatic Accreditation

The Art Institute of Seattle Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree program, the Associate of Applied Sciences in Baking & Pastry degree program, the Diploma in Baking & Pastry, and the Diploma in The Art of Cooking are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). ACF can be reached at 10 San Bartola Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32086. The Interior Design program leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is accredited by the Council for Interior DesignAccreditation,, 206 Grandville Ave., Ste. 350, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

State Licensing

The Art Institute of Seattle is licensed under Chapter 28c.10RCW; inquiries or complaints regarding this or any other private vocational school may be made to the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, Building 17, Airdustrial Park, Post Office Box 43105; Olympia, WA 98504-3105, 1.360.753.5673. The provisions of the Degree Authorization Act, chapter 28B.85 RCW, do not apply to institutions that have received institutional accreditation from an agency recognized by the board, provided: 1. The institution has been continuously offering degree program(s) in Washington for 15 years or more; and 2. The institution was established originally within the state of Washington and has operated as the same organization continuously from that date until the present. An institution is considered to have operated as the same organization continuously if it has no significant alteration of primary location, ownership, or incorporation and no closure involving cessation of substantially all organized instructional and administrative activity; and 3. The institution has been accredited as a degree-granting institution for 10 years or more by an accrediting association recognized by the federal government, and maintains such accreditation status; and 4. The institution maintains eligibly to participate in Title IV financial aid programs. The Art Institute of Seattle satisfies these criteria for exemption from the Degree Authorization Act. Any person desiring information about the requirements of the act or the applicability of those requirements to the institution may contact the Washington Student Achievement Council at 917 Lakeridge Way SW, Olympia, WA 98502 Selected academic programs of study at The Art Institute of Seattle are approved by the Washington Student Achievement Council's State Approving Agency (WSAC/SAA) for enrollment of those eligible to receive benefits under Title 38 and Title 10, U.S. Code. The Art Institute of Seattle is authorized to enroll non-immigrant alien students. The Art Institute of Seattle is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Art Institutes International, Inc., 210 Sixth Avenue, 33rd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 1.412.562.0900.