Culinary Team Holds Cooking Demo at Bite of Seattle

By: Sam King

July 25, 2018

Bite of Seattle 6

Members of the culinary department at The Art Institute of Seattle recently participated in a live cooking demo at “The Bite of Seattle.” The culinary team was on the Bite Cooks! Stage for a live cooking show hosted by local celebrity chef Thierry Rautureau—who is also known as “The Chef in the Hat.”


The culinary students were led by culinary chair and director Chef David Wynne and Baking & Pastry instructor Chef Antoine Rondenet. The Art Institute of Seattle’s team created mint macaroon ice cream sandwiches and answered questions from Rautureau—explaining the recipe and preparation methods used to create the dessert from scratch.


2018 marks the third year in a row that The Art Institute of Seattle has taken part in the live cooking demonstration. The Bite of Seattle is Seattle’s premier food event.


Student participants included Lauren Jackson (Associate of Applied Arts in Culinary Arts) and Avery Gates (Associate of Applied Arts in Baking & Pastry).


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By: Sam King

July 25, 2018

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